Vision Now

Vision Now Coaching and Mentoring

  • Is about seeing clearly today’s circumstances, potential, what is about to hit your life, and what opportunities await you.

We are beyond gazing into the future. We are effectively navigating today.

Vision Now will help you
  1. Leave stale and stagnant thinking to achieve and keep a fresh perspective of yourself, life, and others, and
  2. Stop running from change and prepare to meet the challenges of change by positioning yourself to work in your strengths.
Part 1. To keep a new perspective we will walk through these 5 areas:
  1. Vision—what I want to do
  2. Skills—what I can do
  3. Priorities—what I should do now that I have a clearer vision and better sense of my skills
  4. Be content to be a work in progress.
  5. It’s not the destination but the journey.
  6. Reflect and learn everyday.
Part 2. To meet the challenges of change we will cultivate these areas:
  1. Prepare myself in my area of strengths. This is key to getting positioned for success.
  2. Prepare in your success areas. This will bring success to you outside of having the appropriate skills for business (or career, ministry, etc).
  3. Prepare in decision-making. Decision making is overrated. Decision managing is underrated.
  4. Prepare in your faith.
  5. Prepare in my thinking. We are today where our thoughts have brought us. We will be tomorrow where our thoughts take us.
Cultivate these 5 areas to meet the challenges of change. Be prepared so you don’t run from challenges, but are in position to work in your strengths.
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