When Good Work is Hard Work

Have you ever come across good work? Work that you thoroughly enjoy or think is extremely valuable? Maybe your everyday work is good work.

How do you handle things when the good work you do is also hard work? It’s hard according to the sacrifice(s) you make to accomplish the work.

The Half-Life of Mentoring

There comes a time when mentoring looses its effectiveness and/or appropriateness. To mentor, most generally, is to model behavior. Knowing when to switch up my approach or exit will help me not to outlive my usefulness.

Mentoring is no longer effective when my mentee desires to be someone different than who I am, to go further than I have gone, expresses different core values, wants to be a pioneer/charts his own path, mistrust my authority or mistrust authority in general.

I maintain usefulness when I switch to coaching, connecting my mentee to other relationships that may prove helpful, cheerleading.

Building Materials Matter

Who you use to build your organizational culture is equally as important as the culture type you choose. Choose construction materials to match or supersede the integrity of the culture-to-be.